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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 26, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy friday, our time is 5:00. thanks for ending the week with us. i am kristen sze. >> how will we end this week weather-wise? i heard it is going to be nice. >> absolutely. a comfortable day with temperatures back to normal after being cooler than that the clouds are not so wide-spread
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but our visibility is fairly unlimited, too, until you get to 1,500' where you will find the clouds. now, this afternoon, make sure you have the sunglasses and dress for temperatures around 61 in san francisco, to 73 in fremont. that is the spread around the bay shore. at the coast we will be around 58 to 64, and inland we will see a big spread from 58 in petaluma to 80 in antioch. leyla gulen? >> in allah month a fatality is leaving stone valley road shut down in both directions. this is after a car was traveling at a high rate of speed and flips on its roof and resulted in a fatality. pg&e is on the scene. you can use an alternate to connect to 680 to get to oakland. we have an emergency closing because of the possibility of a grenade being found on international boulevard between
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47th and 50th avenue, international boulevard is closed until further notice. kristen and eric? >> it is about 5:02. crews in san jose are keeping watch on a historic building gutted by an overnight fire. the old victorian building is located near interstate 280. it started before 9:30 and took two hours to bring under control. the building was constructed in 1884 and was the former site of a bicycle shop. it caused major structural damage and could be in danger of collapse. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield will have a report next half hour. >> breaking news from contra costa county, the c.h.p. is on the scene of a fatal accident, with leyla gulen talking about the investigation. the driver crashed into a wooden pole. the road is still closed this both directions.
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according to the c.h.p. the driver was a man in his 20's. >> we continue to follow breaking news in boston marathon bombings, the surviving suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev, has been moved from the hospital to a federal prison. the u.s. marshal says the bombing suspect is now confined at the prison facility in massachusetts. he was quietly moved overnight with an armed convoy and the transfer took place without incident. it is not clear if he was driven or flown there. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo will have more on the developments in the next half hour. >> antioch police have arrested a juvenile that officers say admitted to calling in three bomb threats, two threats made to deer valley high school. the other to black diamond middle school. police followed a lead, identified the suspect, and took him into custody. the while was the victim of four other bomb threats early this week. on wednesday, antioch high
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school received one. >> two san jose high school students are in police custody for reckless driving in an accident that sent a mother and her daughter to the hospital. the teens crashed on lee avenue sending a car right into a home this week and san jose police say a 40-year-old mother is in critical condition after a bmw plowed into the kitchen. the teens were street racing. both drivers are 17-year-old high school students. the school district says it will be working with community leaders, police, parents and students to dress responsible driving. >> rock slides are to blame for the deaths of two california department of transportation workers in the far northern part of the state. the israel says they were killed on state route 96 rappeling down the hill removing rocks when boulders were moving. the safety officials are now
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investigating. >> starting out with a few clouds. >> they will burn off and you will enjoy the weather today. mike? >> absolutely. we will look at what is going on with your temperatures. you can see right there in our day planner, plan for a lot of sunshine. as far as our winds, they are nonexistent. that is a difference from year. they are, though, blowing inland. there are a few clouds to contend with. we start off on the day planner, mostly cloudy conditions and notice how we get a lot of sunshine, quickly. temperatures are comfortable. 52 at lunch at the coast and low-to-mid 60's around the bay. by 4:00, we are at 75 headed to the afternoon hours and maybe kickoff work inland and get golf or tennis in. 64 around the bay and 50's and 60's and we will jump ahead the
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tomorrow, a few degrees warmer than today and sunday and monday check owe the temperatures near 80 around the bay and 90 inland and comfortable and 60's at the coast. >> an active scene on stone valley road off of 680 freeway in alamo at round hill road because of a fatality, a car traveling along stone valley road, hit a power pole and flipped and it resulted in a fatality right now, stone valley road closed in both directions and it will hamper your commute if you take your children to schools in the area, you need to find an alternate way to get around. this is a good way to get you to 680. kristen in. >> man's best friend is his therapist, the department of veterans affair has included a service dog training area in the newly opened welcomed center where dogs will train with veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
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thing dos help the veterans calm their symptoms. >> she relaxes me to the point i can go back out in society and function. we paired them with shun who will need more assistance so they can go out. i dropped my keys and the dog can help them. >> the v.a. dog assistance training program was the first-in-the-nation when it began five years ago. besides the training order the welcome center also has space for classrooms, a gym, and an arts area for vets. >> before you get mom that mother's day gift there is a surprising new certify with bloomberg business report next. >> eggs and your health. what eggs leave in your stomach that could hurt your heart but first the technical bytes. >> new app called social soundtrack are introduced by abc
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allowing viewers to let friends know if they laughing or booing and launches tomorrow during the white house correspondent's dinner in washington, dc. a new line of pa jam pas play in a bedtime story called "sport -- "smart p.j.'s" and you have to down
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>> breaking news, a destructive fire at an east bay elementary school could mean disruptions this morning for students. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is at james madison school in san leandro. >> the fire is out but the damage has been done on the campus of james madison elementary school. the fire here broke out at midnight and damaged a lot of portable classrooms. we will find out from alameda county fire. chief, tell us what time did the fire break out in. >> we had a 9-1-1 call at it will minutes after midnight and the first units were here in five minutes and it was fully involved with fire and we had to gain access at the school. when we got access it was knocked now 20 minutes. >> how many portable classrooms?
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>> six units combined to make a large building, just delivered yesterday afternoon and they were not in service, no electrical power, no one in the buildings. >> just delivered yesterday. >> correct. and the cause? >> we have an investigator working on it. it is not a safe condition so we will have more opportunity to see what happens with daylight. school officials have been notified and they are on the way to the campus at this hour. we will let you know as we get further details what is plan is at the school. abc7 news. >> we follow breaking news in oakland where a suspicious device, possibly a grenade, was found next to a fire hydrant on international boulevard. you are looking at new video
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just in from the scene, the suspicious device was discovered before 4:00 am, police have shut down international boulevard between 47th and 50th and the bomb squad has been called to the seen. leyla gulen will have more on how it is impacting drivers coming up in a few minutes. >> good news for fin flying the not so friendly skies. the f.a.a. furloughs causing traffic jams at the airports could under. abc7 news reporter is in washington, dc, joining us with the latest. there has been an uproar over this? >> it has been an ugly week for air travelers. there were triple the number of delays this week. the f.a.a. says half of the delays were because of the controller furloughs. >> a fix for frustrateed flying public could be ready, the senate voted to let the f.a.a. end fur lets for thousands of air traffic controllers hit by
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the budget cuts. >> it should prevent the onerous delays that have been occurring and were only going to get worse. >> it caused a daily shortage up to 1,500 controllers at the airports and threatened to close 149 control tower withs. with fewer eyes on the sky, planes are spaced further apart slowing the system down and frustrateing flyers on wednesday 863 flight delays were linked to the cut. >> they put people's lives at risk. >> the f.a.a. bill heads to the house of representatives and if it does not pass it will get worse. >> we did not take into account thunderstorms. or other kinds of weather activity. these delays could get extended beyond the 60 to 90 minutes. >> if congress acts, there is new pain for passengers. united increased their ticket change fee from $150 to $200, a
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move matched yesterday by u.s. air. n werety middle seats, lots of fees, get used to this. it is frustrating. you can feel like you are nickeled and dimed but you have to deal with it. congress is taking on the f.a.a. furloughs before a week of vacation. many lawmakers plan to fly out of town and could get a taste of the airport delays. >> for the second time this month, researchers have found a link between what you eat and your risk of a heart attack. the culprit is eggs. according to a study in the new england journal of medicine, something in yolk can increase heart disease. when the body digests this, you have an increase risk of heart attack and stroke.
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and red meat has increased risk of heart disease. >> disney theme park kicking off memorial day weekend with all nighters to park guests. >> now the bloomberg business report. >> at&t is getting into the smart home business offering home security service in 15 cities at $30 a month and installation fee. you need wireless. and land line service and backups to work. neither have to be through at&t. the yap lets homeowners open and close automatic doors and check on kids and pets repoetly. >> starbucks has a jump in profits because of an increase in u.s. store traffic. amazon had better-than-expected profit with a higher close for stocks yesterday before starbucks and amazon posted results. >> think mom wants roses? a survey says more than half of men think moms want roses but what they really want is a gift card to their favorite store. >> you don't have to step 'til
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you drop on disney on memorial day weekend, in florida and california they will on the gates 6:00 am on friday may 24 and stay open for 24 hours until 6:00 a.m. saturday. that is the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> if you are staying here, a lot to do and the weather is warmer. >> lot outside and the weather will cooperate. we will show you what is going on at 5:17. live doppler 7 hd is dry. we have clouds again. they are pushing east. they are not so thick as they were yesterday. i still think we will see faster sunshine and warmer weather. a beautiful picture of the financial district on the right with the ferry building and the bay bridge on the left. the flags are blowing out west to east and that is a cool sea breeze. san francisco is 53. san jose is 55. we are near 50 in walnut creek and palo alto and mill valley and cooler at 42 degrees. along the east bay shore you can
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see the clouds are gathering from the bay bridge toll plaza across emeryville to the hills and santa rosa is 45 and napa is 51 and dress for 54 in los gatos and gilroy is 52 degrees. here is what will happen for the forecast cycle. we will have brighter and warmer temperatures, brighter sky and warmer temperatures, clear and cool ahead and it will be rather warm again. we are talking possibly 30-degree spread from the coast inland. today, we are watching the cloud cover and you will see it thick are by the moment and at 9:00 it is repealing back to the coast and it is all the way back to the coast by noon and then more sunshine and the north bay, and milpitas is the cool spot but everyone else is mid-to-upper 70's. up the peninsula we start in 73 in los altos and 62 in millbrae. upper 50's to 60 along the coast
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and low 60's in south san francisco and sausalito. north bay beach is upper 50's and breezy from time to time and upper 60's and a few mid-70's in the east bay valley and napa at 73. we go from 66 in richmond and berkeley to 73 in fremont and we will get near 80 in antioch and fairfield and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 70's in the east bay valley. you are sitting outside and although the warriors game going on, you can use this temperature at 61 degrees and drop down to 54 by the time you leaf the game. the seven-day outlook, tomorrow, a little bit warmer, just because we will have faster sunshine and notice the winds, they are offshore and will push the 80-degree temperature threshhold sunday through thursday around the bay and 90 inland but, still, 60's at the coast. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone, as we drive off alamo on surface
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streets, a fatality with a car and a power pole with the road, stone valley, shut down if both directions, which will affect your children if you are headed to school in that area. down 680 do not get off at stone valley road. and as i take you to oakland, this emergency closure has re-opened, an international boulevard between 47 and 50th avenue, again, international boulevard re-opened because of of an emergency closure with police expecting a grenade open scene but everyone is cleared. kristen and eric? >> it is now 5:20. nasa takes the wraps off space shuttle. >> move over, eric, could a job in news be in the future for prince harry?
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>> welcome back on friday, florida's kennedy space center takes the wraps off the newest museum piece with atlantis on display after crews finish peeling off 16,000 square' of wrap. nasa has spent 15 months building the new $100 million showcase. the display opens to the public
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june 29. ought hacker who took over a fire department twitter account is caught and the suspect is only five years old. john did not exactly hack the account but was using his dad's phone to play angry birds. his dad happens to be the public information officer with the fire department in oregon and the five-year-old started pushing buttons and accidentally sent out tweets to nearly 1,800 followers the fire department twitter account talking about, what else, angry birds. the tweets were removed and replaced with an apology. >> people like, what is this about -- yikes. >> cute. cute. a bright future ahead for that kid. >> indeed. speaking of that, we will go over to mike and the forecast. the sun will be shining. >> you do not want to compare me
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to a five-year-old because i play angry birds? >> good morning, everyone. san rafael this morning 101, no fog, a few clouds. look at the temperatures today, anywhere from two degrees warmer than yesterday in hayward to three in san francisco, to 11 in concord where we are back in the mid-to-upper 70's. around the state it is quiet with warm weather through the central valley and mid-to-upper 70's and 73 in los angeles and the weekend, possibly you are going to disneyland, and 7 in sunshine today, and 80 for saturday and sunday. have a great time. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone, at 5:25 we are going to alamo with the fatality, along stone valley road and a car and a light pole and stone valley is shut down in both directions. this is going to affect your commute off of 680, avoid stone valley road exit. if you are going your children
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to school that will be affected. give yourself extra time. remember, international boulevard in oakland is re-opened after early police activity. >> thank you. 5:26. five living presidents were on hand yesterday for former president george w. bush's library dedication in texas and jimmy kimmel has enjoyed seeing him in the spotlight. >> i love watching him do interviews because you never know what he will say, he is like a mad lib come to life. this is the interview on cnn. >> history will judge ... the decisions that were made...for iraq and i am not going to be around to see the final verdict. >> in other words, i'll be dead. >> is that what you meant? i meant it so were, i do. >> weeknights at 11:35 following
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abc7 news at 11 and then "nightline." >> prince harry is trying his hand at anchoring the news, the 28-year-old british royal was at the launch of a new tv studio of creative technology yesterday and he sat alongside a student broadcaster and actually read some stories. the institute will broadcast the first local television station next year. he tried his hand at being a deejay. a rapper introduced him as deejay prince harry. >> do you see me moving into the castle? no, you don't. come on, stay with the helicopters. >> more on breaking news we are following the boston marathon bombings suspect moved overnight. >> a historic building is up in flames in the south bay with the damage left behind and what is happening
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> on this friday morning, thanks for joining us at 5:30. >> like the sound of that, friday morning. and the kristen sze part is good, and the eric thomas part is good, too. >> you didn't say my name! >> fine. >> mike nicco mike nicco mike nicco. >> good morning, can you tell it is friday everyone? we have had a lack of sleep all week! live doppler 7 hd shows it is very dry. umbrellas needed for the strong sunshine. downtown oakland where the tells -- temperature will be around 67 with the bay spread from 61 to 73.
5:31 am
the sun will shine and 68 to 80 with sunshine in the inland neighborhoods. >> as we go to alamo we have a fatality at round hill and stone valley road because of a carpeting a power pol with pg&e on the scene with both directions shut down and the exit off of 680 could be in the area to the north or south. into oakland we have a couple of games. they are both starting at the same time so expect to see heavy delays and use bart and mass transit. >> we are following breaking news from san leandro where six brand new portable classrooms caught fire at an elementary school at midnight at james madison elementary school. officials tell abc7 news the new
5:32 am
classrooms were just delivered and not hooked up to power. they were pushed together to make one large classroom. >> abc7 news reporter cornell bernard will have more. >> and a historic building that was important to bicyclist was destroyed, a victorian building in down san jose. >> they have concerns. it is leaning. they hope it will not collapse. they have firefighters watching it. they are watching for hot spots. so far, everything is okay. the huge old building caught fire at 9:30 last night. it was build on south first street in 1884. it is still standing. firefighters could not save the inside. firefighters did not feel safe going in and they fought it from the outside. it took an hour to knock it down
5:33 am
and longer to get it completely out. the bicycle shop was the latest business located here but there is a lot of history. it has been a saloon. a black smith and a soda fountain. the owner of the building is out of town and moved out of here a couple of weeks ago and firefighters say no one was hurt in the fire. they will try and figure out what started it. >> it is 5:33. we have breaking news from boston where the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombings is out of hospital and in a jail cell. we are getting a look identified of the hospital at a boy who was seriously injured in the blast. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has more from the newsroom. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev has been removed from the hospital to prison. we have a look at the prison. the bureau of prison federal medical center in massachusetts,
5:34 am
the video just coming to the newsroom an hour ago. the larger the main body of the prison at the top of the screen is the medical facility. abc-washington post poll is reporting he was moved there under a convoy and the transfer took place wrought incident. this morning, many are still reeling from the development that they planned to do more damage in new york city. new york city officials say the brothers were going to set off more bombs in times square. dzhokhar tsarnaev said it was a spur of the moment decision. >> a victim from martinez wounded in boston explosions visited the blast site yesterday. aaron hern says he is feeling better. his parents are so grateful to boston police and doctors. >> cannot say enough about how amazing the staff at children's hospital was. >> someone would doesn't want to go on camera the man carjacked
5:35 am
by the brothers on thursday in an attempt to get to new york but he is talking to the boston globe. the 26-year-old entrepreneur said he escaped when they stopped for gas. it was cash only. when tamerlan set down the gun to fumble where the car the man says he took off his seatbelt and opened the door and ran for his life. we are also learning that dzhokhar tsarnaev's father is not leaving for the united states today or tomorrow and his wife saying it is because of health issues. >> a shocking turn of events for the petaluma little league all star team that went to the little league world series in august and placed third. three members of the team are accused of assaulting and bullying another former teammate. they were success spended if two days from petaluma junior high school. the victim suffered bruceing to the chest. the leg president says coaches
5:36 am
will educate the players about bullying. >> there is no place for bullying. it is at the top of -- it and a buzzword. we don't condone it. >> the boys are to longer affiliated with the league, the board called an emergency meeting and said they will work to prevent future bullying. >> the man charged with anotherring another at a little league game if vallejo be arraigned today on attempted murder. he and another were at a t ballgame on wednesday and they got in a dispute. he followed the man to the parking lot, pulled a gun and shot. the bullets hit the car but no one was hurt the an oakland security firm is offering free security for the reminder of the little league season. >> another local city is warning people to look out for door knock burglaries after two home break ins. in both instants the women who occupied the homes were held
5:37 am
captive by one suspect and others ransacked the home. police say the men took items and left without hurting either woman. the first burglary happened at 10:30 on tuesday. the latest was yesterday around 1:00 o'clock a.m. on black pine drive. we have shown you how it works, someone rings the doorbell or knocks on the front door and if you don't answer a team of burglars attempts to break-in to your home. this video was taken in san jose the there have been dozens of door knock burglaries reported recently on the peninsula and in fremont and hercules the. >> an amazing surviving story a man and his sister are recovering in the caribbean after they swam for 14 hours to get to land. on sunday during a chartered fishing trip 12 miles off st. lucia the siblings were told to abandon ship. they waited for help for appear
5:38 am
hour in shark infested waters but were separated from the captain and his mate and crews could fault find them. they swam for 14 hours to reach land and they hiked for three hours until they found help. they were taken to the hospital with severe dehydration and later learned the captain and the mate were rescued after spending 23 hours in the water. >> tonight, the warriors play denver at a sold out arena in game three of playoff series. the warriors beat the nuggets on tuesday night to even the series 1-1, no word if curry will play after a three day rest. he said if game three were yesterday he could not have played. tip-off is at 7:30. the warriors have not play add home lay off in six years. very exciting, oakland and the a' to have stef to have hopes of advancing in the playoffs.
5:39 am
>> mike? >> afternoon, everyone at 5:39. we have unlimited visibility in the horizontal with a few clouds and they are starting to fill in more in the bay but they are thinner than yesterday with the marine layer not so impressive. it looks like we will see a lot of sunshine. we have the maze and notice how clear it is over here as far as any rain or drizzle. it is just clouds, temperatures are 46 to 50 this morning. the next 12 hours, 52 to 67 at noon and the day planner showing a spread of 51 to 75 from the coast tipped land at 4:00 -- coast inland at 4:00. and as we head through the weekend we will see a few clouds tomorrow morning and a couple of degrees warmer as is the trend today. the clouds will hang around and a few high clouds and sunshine and temperatures near 90 on sunday and monday and near 80 around the bay and fear air
5:40 am
conditioning at the coast at 60. >> back to alamo we have an update at stone valley road and we have a closure right now, both directs of stone valley road are shut down because of a fatality and a crash that knocked down a power poll. the car is on the roof and it sounds like that area will be cloned up soon so we may see an opening of stone valley road. we will keep you updated on that as more information becomes available. southbound 80 to the westbound 237 into castro valley we have a lane blocked out there. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> san jose police and the city reach a deal on a major issue that has been splitting them apart. next, what it will mean for the officers and city hall. >> when you think of drones, love probably is not the first thing that comes to find unless you are a love-struck bay area man taking his romance to a
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 5:43. a hearing is held this morning at san jose city hall on a breakthrough between the city and the police officers union.
5:44 am
negotiators have reached a deal on a police pension plan that applies to all future officers. a binding arbitration process that was set to begin today is no longer needed. last year, voters approved a measure (b) to reduce long term pension costs but the issue created major dense define police and the city, san jose still has to reach agreement with the firefighters union. >> oakland detectives say witnesses have given them descriptions of the gunman who killed the woman in front of her four year old child. it happened on 54th street around 9:00 last night. police say the 21-year-old mother from san leandro was shot and killed in a targeted incident. her four-year-old son was in the back seat of a car and wasn't hurt. the oakland police chief says the because saw his mother being murdered. >> beverly hills police are looking for a man caught on surveillance video ramming his bmw into a boeingist in a road
5:45 am
rage incident. investigators say the bicyclist told him it started when he got in an argument with a driver this month over would had the right-of-way. the bicyclist punched the driver in the face and the driver then threatened to kill him. video shows the driver chasing him in an alley ramming into him and the bicyclist was taken to the hospital with injuries that were not considered life threatening. >> chefs at a san francisco college will seven a special dish to raise money for victims of the boston bombings. teaches and students have prepared 30 gallons of soup and sell the chowder for a dollar each to raise funds. why are they not selling new england style chowder in the academy says it is the kayer -- it is to indicator -- cater to bay area tastes. >> we have one of the most
5:46 am
unique ways to propose marriage. check this out, a san francisco physicist used a drone to deliver appear engagement ring to his girlfriend. he lured her into going to the park on a pretense of taking pictures, right? then the drone arrives, with the ring, and he dropped to one knee to pop the question. she said "yes." serious geek points for that, right? >> he has raised the bar, guys. look what you have to do. it was so much simpler 20 years ago when we tied the knot with our wives. >> tells how you proposed. >> if you have a wedding, great weekend. very warm. right? >> absolutely, especially away from the test we have free air conditioning so it will be a story of microclimates. they are back. good morning, everyone, at 5:46. live doppler 7 hd showing it is dry again this morning. we will talk about what will happen in this forecast cycle
5:47 am
with a few high clouds and a lot of sunshine and warmer temperatures throughout all of our neighborhoods today but not so dramatic at the coast. the warming trend will not be dramatic at all at the coast and the rest of us have above average warmth on sunday through next week we will be in the 60's at the coast with clear and cool nights after the exceptionally warm days coming at us. what will happen as far as the cloud cover, it is starting to make some headway to the east and by 9:00 the sun is up and drilling into the clouds in the east bay and south bay and by noon back to the coast, and during the afternoon hours, you will start to see your clouds dissipate so we will go sunny and you will have an on shore flow. gilroy is in the upper 70's and the peninsula, you can tell, we are getting to the summer spread with millbrae at 62 because of
5:48 am
the winds but they don't affect los altos, and mountain view and menlo park and low-to-mid 70's and 60 today at half moon bay, and daly city at 59, and will low 60's around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and a lot of upper 60's around san rafael and petaluma and low 70's for the rest of the north bay and the beaches are in the upper 50's and 70's around hercules and union city and fremont and newark and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 60's and mid-70's to near 80 degrees in the east bay valley. a slow transition to the 90-degree temperatures by sunday. we are more concerned about the baltimore orioles and the a's because you will be sitting outside. but whether you are there or walking to oracle it will be 61 with both games ending at 10:00, and walking home or to bart it will be 54. the seven-day outlook after 40's and 50's tonight, temperatures tomorrow afternoon a couple of degrees warmer and look at the
5:49 am
near 90 degree temperatures inland, sunday through thursday, 80 at bay and low-to-mid 60's at the coast. >> good morning, everyone, as we head to alamo c.h.p. is updating the closure on stone valley road is set to re-open very soon and stone valley road currently closed in both directions due to an early fatality. that is going to be re-opened very shortly at this hour and as we take you to milpitas we have a brand new crash south 880 to westbound 237, a car pool lane blocked out there and a check of the travel time, the drive time traffic, 101, away from san bruno to redwood city is a short 12 minutes. 880 is looking at 12 minutes from 238 to downtown oakland. >> it is now 5:49. in bengladesh the death toll jumped at the scene of a massive building collapse.
5:50 am
at least 290 people are confirmed dead. crews have rescued 60 and they fear many more are trapped. it housed several garment factories and crashed down on wednesday. police had ordered the garment building to be evacuated the day before the collapse because of huge cracks in the walls but the order was ignored. >> the nation is closer to joining california in paying taxes on interprets prepares with the senate voting to advance a bill on the interpret purchases but they are delaying a final vote until after the week-long vacation. shoppers against internet sales taxes vowed to rally their representatives over the next week to urge them to vote "no" on bill when they return. california is one of a few states that began requiring online retailers to collect sales taxes last year. >> the mormon church welcomes the boy scouts of in,'s latest proposal to lift the gay ban to
5:51 am
youth members but continue to exclude gays as adult leaders. the church says it is satisfied with the boy scouts proposal announced last week. the church has more scouting troops than any other religious denomination. boy scouts of america planned to submit the proposal to the national council at a meeting in texas. >> san francisco mayor is if baltimore this morning, with a bet he is about to make good on. >> could it be a fair roll behalf, the change of heart at ac transit and the impact on commuters. >> at 6:00, new details on the east basic materials accused -- east basic
5:52 am
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5:54 am
>> where in the world is san francisco mayor? the answer is maryland paying off a friendly super bowl wager with baltimore's mayor. the mayor wagers a day of service in baltimore as part of the traditional super bowl bet. the 49ers lost to the ravens 34-31 back in february and today the mayor will paint and repair a police station and read to 3rd graders but first he will accompany the mayor on a tour of historic lexington market and learn how to make the world famous crab cake sand sandusky -- sandwiches.
5:55 am
>> 5:54. mike? >> warming up. >> absolutely, warming up. there will be a lot sunshine but not so breezy. low amounts of mold and weed. our radar shows the storm track is well to the north and we have marine layer clouds on the coast. they will dissipate in the afternoon. 60 at monterey. upper 60's through the central valley. low-to-mid 70's around los angeles and san diego. to the sierra temperatures are above average and upper 60's to low 70's and average high is 57 degrees. it will be warm. enjoy the sunshine. leyla gulen? >> in alamo c.h.p. is saying re-opening is imminent along stone valley road after an early fatality. still both lanes are shut down and i will keep you updated.
5:56 am
we have a brand new crash involving six cars on westbound highway four. this is not where you want an accident we are looking at 1 miles per hour coming to the area. very nasty crash and at san mateo bridge, it is loading upcoming from hayward to foster city. >> thank you. listen to this. burlingame police are looking for a bank robbery suspect who wore a distinctive disguise that fell apart during a hold up. he is wearing what is described as a fake dread log -- dread lock wig and a phone any mustache on wednesday afternoon. he was armed with a handgun and the disguise started peeling during the robbery. police say something spooked hill dug the attempt and he ran away without any cash. >> bus fares will not go up for ac transit riders and they could
5:57 am
go down. the board voted to cancel plans for a 15-cent increase that would boost fairs from $2.10 to $2.25 a ride. the increase was passed in 2011 when the district has mired in debt but revenues are increasing so officials will explore whether a 10-cent rollback is called for. >> at 6:00, a change at the top for east bay school district and the late night meeting end with two in the administration losing their jobs. >> we have breaking news from san leandro with a school damaged by flames and a possible cause. >> boeing 787 dreamliner is a step closer to moving to the sky with a new stamp
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, flames ripped through an east bay school.
6:00 am
ahead, firefighters show us the damage left behind and the impact on students today. >> also breaking right now, a person dies after an overnight car crash. police are revealing the impact on early morning commuters. >> breaking news from the east coast, we have a first look at the new home for the man accused of carrying out the boston marathon bombings. >> good morning on frier at 6:00 -- friday morning at 6:00. >> mike? >> we have a few clouds with the bay bridge there. the clouds are not as thick as yesterday. they do not have so were moisture but a couple of drips yesterday in the higher elevation not so likely today and we are overcast around the bay looking at day planner for this friday. 50 degrees. a lot of sunshine, a lot faster today, and 61 at noon and temperatures are close to average by 4:00. 58 degrees and night sunset by


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